Extra patrols are running May 14 through June 3 to enforce seat belt usage.  The period includes Memorial Day weekend, one of the busiest travel and holiday weekends of the year.

More than 150 law enforcement agencies statewide will be participating in the 17th annual Click It of Ticket campaign.

WTSC will be running an ad campaign to remind Washingtonians to buckle up, using a promotion called “slasher” which uses humor — spoofing a horror movie – to get the point across that not wearing a seat belt is scary!

We also have been talking to Washington residents across the state about why they wear their seat belts, and have recorded their responses in a series of videos.  You can access these videos on this page (See Grassroots “Why I Wear My Seat Belt” videos) and we encourage you to download any from your region and share them with your audiences, and promote on social media.  These are great grassroots spots and do a great job getting the point across.

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Fact Sheet

Talking Points

Sample Why I Wear By Seat Belt Video

See all Grassroots Why I Wear My Seat Belt Videos


Campaign Videos:  To download, click on the “V” in the video control bar to access Vimeo and look for the “Download” button below the video once on the Vimeo site. 


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Governors Highway Safety Administration Graphics

The GHSA is conducting a “Make it Click:  Every Seat.  Every Ride” campaign and has developed infographics you can download and use.  Click here to download the graphics.




Download “Cowboy”

Download “Spanish Radio Ad”