Sharing Stories of DUI Intervention to Inspire Others

Deaths involving impaired driving have increased on Washington’s roads over the past year, even as there has been fewer travelers due to COVID. Two facts jump out:

  • 2020 had the highest number of polydrug drivers in fatal crashes, ever (and highest number of impaired drivers by either alcohol or drugs).
  • August 2021 was the deadliest month on Washington’s roads (77 deaths) since 1997 (91 deaths).

These trends are concerning…but we continue to have hope we can turn things around. Why? We know that when it comes to stopping someone from driving impaired, most people in Washington will do the right thing.

Will you help us find success stories of people preventing others from driving impaired? We’re launching a social media campaign to ask people to share their stories, and inspire others to step in, and be a hero, and save lives. Will you also share this message on your social media pages?

To share on social media:

  • Choose from the messages and graphics below to use on your Twitter or Facebook feed.  You can copy and paste the messages.
  • Be sure to include one of the messages with the graphics.  The message contain instructions for readers to share their stories.
  • When choosing an image, click the button for a version that is sized for Facebook or Twitter.
  • To download or save the image, right click (or long press on mobile) and save or copy the image. Then paste it into a social media post or upload it when creating a post.