Eveline Roy’s "Top List of Advice for New TZMs"

Eveline Roy,  Region 12 Target Zero Manager

Eveline Roy, Region 12 Target Zero Manager

As Target Zero Manager (TZM) of Region 12, Eveline Roy is eager to do “my part in making Washington roads safer.” And after 16 successful years in the position, she is a great resource! So, need advice as a new TZM, the perfect person to ask is Eveline.          


The establishment and continuance of key relationships are important.

Target Zero Managers - connect with your fellow TZM’s. I found them eager to help and share their experiences. They are only a phone call or email away. Scheduling a site visit was most helpful.

Law Enforcement – find out which law enforcement agencies have been involved in emphasis patrols; stop by and introduce yourself; have a short list of questions to ask their traffic sergeant to learn the extent of their involvement.

Media – will play a factor in keeping your community informed of traffic safety issues. Reach out to your Public Information Officers in your area. Develop a distribution list of radio stations, television and any other news outlets you can utilize to share traffic safety messages.

Social Media – find out if there are any existing local community Facebook pages, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

Schools – become familiar with your school district(s). If they have a School Resource Officer, coordinate a meet and greet or a phone/email introduction of yourself.


Learn about existing programs. Ask what is working well and how you can support their efforts.

Schedule a site visit with other TZMs or traffic safety partners to learn about the programs that work well in their community.

Contact Cesi Velez, Project Manager, Washington’s Child Passenger Safety Program, to find out what resources are currently available in your community and how to become involved.

Safe Kids Coalition – if there is one in your community, learn about activities conducted regarding traffic safety. Is there a way for you to become involved and supportive?

Large community events – a great way to connect with the community, provide educational information, build partnerships, and cultivate credibility on Target Zero issues.


Washington Highway Safety Plan – Target Zero; know the priority areas of Washington and review the proven and effective strategies.

Know the statewide issues of traffic safety and which are prevalent in your community. Focus on areas of importance as well as sustaining existing progress to prevent a decline in services or impact.

Washington Traffic Safety Commission offers detailed traffic data through the Fatal Collision Map and Dashboard at: https://wtsc.wa.gov/research-data/fatal-collision-dashboard/