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Emphasis Patrols

Reimbursement Forms

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Target Zero Managers

Emphasis Patrol Activity Log
Use this form to record emphasis activity results. Please submit within 48 hours of the end of your shift.<br>
Access form here.

Overtime Certification Form

Complete this form to certify the hours worked overtime for an emphasis patrol activity. Submit this form to your target zero manager or as otherwise directed.

Access form here.

Statewide Payee and W-9
Anyone wishing reimbursement must complete and submit a Statewide Payee Registration Form and a W-9. 

Access the forms here

For more information, visit the Department of Enterprise Services.

A-19 State Invoice Voucher

To claim payment for materials, merchandise or services, complete this invoice voucher to the appropriate [program manager][2] The voucher must be accompanied with back up documentation or receipts.

Access the form here.

A20-AE Travel Expense Vouchers

Use this form to submit required receipts for reimbursement of pre-approved travel expenses to the appropriate program manager.

Access the form here.

HVE Overtime A-19

Submit this form for payment requests for HVE and TZT enforcement patrols. This form must be accompanied by the Emphasis Patrol Activity Log and overtime approval documentation.

Access the form here.

HVE Amendment

To request an amendment to an HVE interagency agreement to switch funds from one local enforcement agency to another, submit this form to the WTSC Finance division.

Access the form here.