St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Social Media Messages


Sample Social Media Posts

Click on the graphics and download for your use in your social media. Feel free also use the text below.


St. Patrick’s Day is one of the deadliest holidays on our nation’s roads. Plan ahead with rideshare or other ways to get home if you party. #SaintPatricksDay #DesignatedDriver


Hosting a #SuperBowl party? Be a good referee. Make the right call and take their keys before they drink and drive.   #PlanBeforeYouParty


Planning to party #SaintPatricksDay? Don't forget to plan for a #DesignatedDriver or use the SaferRide app to get home.


Take a puff

Or have a drink,

But if you drive

You'll find the klink.

There's not much fun

That you'll be havin'

Riding along

In a paddy wagon. #SaintPatricksDay #DesignatedDriver


The luck o' the Irish runs out when you drink and drive. Plan ahead:   #SaintPatricksDay #DesignatedDriver


Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day safely. Plan ahead:

Choose a Designated Driver

Taxi or rideshare

Take public transportation

Spend the night

Leave your car at home

#SaintPatricksDay #DesignatedDriver 


Don't test the luck

of your four-leaf clover.

When you drink and drive

You’ll get pulled over. #SaintPatricksDay #DesignatedDriver


It’s a lucky charm for getting home safely: #DesignatedDriver #SaintPatricksDay


Help keep our paddy wagons parked. Volunteer to be the #DesignatedDriver this #SaintPatricksDay.