DUI-CA Summer 2019


Key Messages

  • Driving drunk or high is dangerous. Make a plan before you party.

  • Most people in Washington believe driving impaired is unsafe and unacceptable.

  • Drivers who are impaired from more than one substance – usually alcohol and cannabis – are now the most common type of impaired driver involved in fatal crashes.

  • If you use marijuana after drinking alcohol, you increase your crash risk.

  • We all have a role to play in keeping our roads safe for everyone. Step up to save a life. Intervening is what we do as friends, family and neighbors.

  • There’s more than one way to plan:

    • Choose a designated driver

    • Taxi or rideshare

    • Take public transportation

    • Spend the night

    • Leave your car at home

    • Download and use the Safer Ride app to your phone, which can help get you home safely

Impairment from Alcohol and Cannabis

  • Alcohol and drug impaired driving is the leading contributing factor in Washington fatal crashes. Nearly half of all traffic deaths in Washington involve an impaired driver.

  • Most adults in Washington do NOT drive under the influence, however:

    • 22 percent report driving within two hours of consuming alcohol

    • 15 percent report driving within two hours of consuming cannabis

    • 9 percent report driving within two hours of consuming cannabis and alcohol

  • From 2012 to 2017, Washington experienced a 15 percent per year increase in the number of drivers involved in fatal crashes who were impaired from more than one substance.

  • Alcohol and cannabis are the most common combination of intoxicants.

DUI Patrols Are On

  • Nearly 150 law enforcement agencies in Washington are conducting extra patrols August 14 – September 2, but safe driving isn’t just a law enforcement issue, it’s an issue for everyone and it’s up to everyone to take action.

  • Being arrested for a DUI is expensive. Expect to pay at least $10,000 in attorney’s fees, fines, court costs, lost time at work higher insurance rates, car towing and repairs, and more.

DUI Consequences

  • Law enforcement made more than 25,000 arrests for impairment in 2017. The consequences of a DUI include:

    • $5,000 fine

    • Legal bills of up to $10,000

    • 100% increase in insurance rates

    • One year in jail

    • Suspended license

    • Installation of ignition interlock device on your car

DUI Doesn’t Mean Just Alcohol

Impaired driving includes:

  • Alcohol

  • Marijuana

  • Illegal drugs

  • Prescription drugs

  • Many over the counter drugs like Nyquil, Ambien, pain and allergy meds