Child Passenger Safety Social Media Posts


Sample Social Media Posts

Below are sample media posts you can use in your social media before and during National Teen Driver Safety Week, October 21-27. Feel free to download the images and use or modify the text. The target audience for this messaging is parents or guardians of teens, and with a call to action for them to stay involved. More resources for adults with a teen driver can be found at wadrivetozero.


Your teen may be behind the wheel, but you’re in the driver’s seat.  Family rules and expectations are where safety really happens.  Learn more at


It’s Teen Driver Safety Week. Help keep your teen safe behind the wheel and follow Washington’s intermediate driver licensing law.  More info at


It’s never too early for driver’s ed. Start taking to him about safe driving early and often. Be a road model and set an example. Find resources at


Teens have a higher risk of getting a ticket or being involved in a crash during the first year of driving. Know the risks, and talk to your teen about driving safe. Resources at


“Can I borrow the car?” doesn’t have to be the scariest question you get from your teen. Be a road model, set expectations and teach safety. Find resources at


Como padre, tienes el poder: las llaves del carro. Si ella no está lista para manejar, has la que espere. Es tan simple así.


The first year of driving is the riskiest for our teens. Setting rules that go further than the state’s intermediate driver licensing law is ok! For info on keeping your teen safe, visit


Your teen is learning to drive.  Do more than worry: you’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to safety. Download our infographic to learn how you can be a road model.


Twitter-Sized version available  here  .

Twitter-Sized version available here.


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Twitter-sized version available  here.

Twitter-sized version available here.