Child Passenger Safety Week

September 23-29 is Child Passenger Safety Week in Washington and nationwide, providing focus on ensuring parents and caregivers are using the right car seats for child passengers.

Many communities have Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST) on hand to check that caregivers are using the right seats in the right ways. Please take advantage of the focus on child car passenger safety during this week to communicate the importance of using the right seat and having it checked by a technician to ensure it’s installed correctly.

Car Seat Sizes Chart FB.jpg

We’ve provided materials you can use to help get the word out.

On this page are links to sample social media, a child passenger safety fact sheet, installation guides from NHTSA, and a NHTSA video. We’ve also included the news release we sent out statewide to help get the word out about child passenger safety week.

Please download these materials and feel free to adapt for your own use.

Child Passenger Safety Week Fact Sheet

Child Passenger Safety Social Media

NHTSA Booster Seat Guide

NHTSA Car Seat Guide

WTSC &DOH Joint News Release on Child Passenger Safety Week