September Pedestrian Safety

Nearly all Washingtonians walk, whether as a regular means of transportation, for recreation or getting to and from school.  And while walking safely may seem simple, pedestrian traffic deaths are on the rise.

As daylight hours grow shorter, dark rainy days return and our children once again head off to school, now is a good time to focus on the steps we can all take to improve pedestrian safety, whether we are on our feet or behind the wheel.


Please use the sample materials linked on this page to incorporate into your own communications throughout the month.  The fact sheet has statistics and talking points you can use; and we’ve provided a series of social media graphics and posts.  There’s a sample proclamation you can work with your local city or county government to enact, and a series of pedestrian safety videos as well.

For more information on pedestrian safety programs, check the WTSC website.

Pedestrian Safety Fact Sheet

Pedestrian Safety Sample Social Media Graphics



Sample Proclamation on Pedestrian Safety