Distracted Driving 2019

Distracted Driving High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) patrols will begin across the state starting March 28 and run through April 14. We’re asking our partners to help increase awareness of focused driving behavior bVE campaign.

Our messaging focuses on:

  • The positive reduction in the number of cell-phone distracted drivers, according to our most recent distracted driving observational survey;

  • Reinforcing the requirements of the law; and,

  • Reducing all distracted behavior, not just distractions from cell phones.

To help reinforce positive social norms, we captured the comments of young drivers on video, talking about what they do to avoid distractions while driving. These videos are great to share on your social media.

You can also find sample key messages and facts to use , as well as social media graphics and sample posts.

We made progress on distracted driving, with your assistance in continuing to educate Washington drivers we move ever closer to our Target Zero goals.

Distracted Driving Key Messages

Distracted Driving Fact Sheet

Social media and social graphics

Young Drivers Speak Out on Distracted Driving

WTSC News Release

WTSC News Release (Spanish)