Social Media Posts


Please consider using the following messages and graphics on your Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram feeds.  We’ve offered this sample schedule, which you can program in advance.  The URLs direct to, except for the post on NHTSA’s “SaferRide” app, which directs to a page where users can download the app.


Thursday, Feb 1
Every #SuperBowl Party and partier must have a game plan to prevent drunk or impaired driving!   #DesignatedDriver

Be a team player!  Volunteer to be a #DesignatedDriver on #SuperBowl Sunday  

Friday, Feb. 2
Everyone is an MVP on our roads.  Make a game plan!  #SuperBowl #DesignatedDriver

Hosting a #SuperBowl party?  Be a good referee.  Make the right call and take their keys before they drink and drive.  

Saturday, Feb. 3

The teams have a game plan.  What’s yours?  Know before you party how you will get home safe #DesignatedDriver

When you’re drunk or high, you make bad decisions. Driving impaired is the worst decision. Before you party, make your plan to get home safe. #SuperBowl #DesignatedDriver

Make it easy to get home after the game.  Plan for a #DesignatedDriver or use the SaferRide app to get home.