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Please consider using the following messages and graphics on your Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram feeds.  We’ve offered this sample schedule, which you can program in advance.  The URLs direct to, except for the two posts on NHTSA’s “SaferRide” app, which directs to a page where users can download the app.

You can download these graphics, sized for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram below..


Wed. March 14th

Planning to party #SaintPatricksDay day? Don't forget to plan for a #DesignatedDriver or use the SaferRide app to get home. ttp:// 



There's no pot of gold waiting for you when you drink and drive. You could pay up to $10k. How lucky is that?   #SaintPatricksDay #DesignatedDriver


Thurs. March 15th

Take a puff

Or have a drink,

But if you drive

You'll find the klink.

There's not much fun

That you'll be havin'

Riding along

In a paddy wagon.   #SaintPatricksDay #DesignatedDriver


The luck o' the Irish runs out when you drink and drive. Plan ahead:   #SaintPatricksDay #DesignatedDriver


riday, March 16th

Don't test the luck

of your four-leaf clover.

When you drink and drive

You’ll get pulled over.   #SaintPatricksDay #DesignatedDriver



It’s a lucky charm for getting home safely: ttp:// #DesignatedDriver SaintPatricksDay


Going green this #SaintPatricksDay day? Drunk, drugged or high it's still a DUI. Plan a way home with the SaferRide app.

ttp://    #DesignatedDriver


Sat. March 17th

Help keep our paddy wagons parked. Volunteer to be the #DesignatedDriver this #SaintPatricksDay.


If your legs are wobbly

And your knees are weebly

You need to go home

To get some sleepy

Use the SaferRide app

To safely get back

To your humble abode

Then take your nap    #DesignatedDriver #SaintPatricksDay